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Study in France

France is considered as a 3rd Leading Host Country for Higher Education. Studying in France gives international students the opportunity to learn the language and gain a cultural perspective. Students will appreciate the beautiful, developed cities and the great variety of social life available.  French people have a tradition to welcome foreign students from all across the world. Here are the main reasons for choosing France as a study abroad destination:

Universities in France

The Universities in France are some of the most renowned Universities in the world. 35 of the Universities in France appear among the top Universities in the world by various entities. One thing constant among them all is the international standards of education. Wherever students are, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Grenoble or the Bordeaux, the universities are the best

English Language

Many understudies are neglecting France because they need to learn French in order to study there. But yes it is true France’s universities have started using the English language for directing students regardless of their local dialects. There are around 1500 French programs taught in the English language. That means worldwide understudies would now be able to contemplate all the courses in English even though their French is frail.

Affordable and Quality education

Education costs less in France than US and UK. Funding is provided to many understudies by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. There are 3500 public and private organizations which offer phenomenal projects and training.

Plenty of scholarships

The French government, as well as Universities, offer scholarships to international students to encourage them to study in France. Around 500 scholarships are available for Indian students in France. Scholarships range from being fully funded, partially funded towards the tuition fee support.

Warm Welcomes

In the past few years, France has made a huge effort to recruit international students. The government of France has simplified the process of Visa application, and in some cases, even offers grants and scholarships to attract international students to study abroad in France. This shows how France welcomes prospective students outside of France

Financial support

Most of the universities provide scholarships, stipends, loans for higher education to students so that they can finish their degrees. they provide financial support based on merit rather than financial need. On-campus job facilities are also available for the students to work and earn money for their survival.

Study in France without IELTS

It is possible to Study in France as an international student without submitting an IELTS score. International Students can find many private and public Universities in France that do not demand IELTS such as EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science, ESAIP School of Engineers, ESC Rennes School of Business, etc.  

The joy of living

We all have heard about the famous proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Isn’t it true? If we compare with American culture this is far better as Americans believe in “All work and no play”.  French people believe in “work and play”. Don’t confuse it for lethargy and absence of effectiveness. French people believe in the joy of living. Students should also enjoy their life along with their studies.

A refined research venture

It has got the best research and development. It invests quite a lot of money in research and development making it stand as number 6th on the planet as far as domestic spending is concerned. The Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) of this nation is the world’s leading research organization. Many international students come here to study medicine which leads to 42% international students.

Opportunity to learn french

International students will get an opportunity to learn French, which is the official language of over 30 countries. Students can get connected with french classmates and neighbors, make new friends, Students will surely learn french. Students can also even opt for french learning courses with their academic courses.

Work during the study in France

An international student has the right to work while studying in France. French law gives the right to international students to work part-time for 964 hours during the year which is equivalent to 60% of the legal work year. The minimum wage rule is for all working students. International students can earn around €7900 per annum.