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Greece is the ultimate place to live in. Students will find the wonders of the world in their surroundings there. This will be the witness of its rich history. Greece has some of the world’s best universities.  Six Greek Universities are ranked in the QS world university rankings. Here are a few reasons to choose Greece as a study abroad destination for international students:


Compared to studying abroad in France or Italy, studying in Greece is very affordable. Food, attractions, and transportation are low-cost, which leaves students with more money to use on weekend trips around the country.  On average, students would need around 450-700 EUR per month for all expenditures, which is reasonable, compared to other European nations.

Education system

Greece is famous for its scholars, mathematicians, and philosophers. The system of education in Greece reflects its quality as one of the best in the whole world. Higher education in Greece contributes to lifelong learning using modern teaching methods on the basis of high-quality scientific and technological research which follows international criteria. The duration of graduate degree programs is between 2-6 years, and post-graduation degree programs range between 1-2 years. The duration of Ph.D. programs will range between 5-6 years.

Study in English in Greece

Greece has private colleges and public universities that offer English-taught study programs. Students can find English-taught programs in a variety of disciplines, especially in Archaeology, International Relations, Media studies as well as Business Administration, and Innovation Management. So students can study in Greece in English, without learning a new language. 

Work opportunities

Greece is buzzing with up-and-coming start-ups in the internet of things (IoT) arena. Students will find a plethora of work opportunities in Greece. Also, since there is a huge demand for an English-speaking workforce in Greece, international students have a bright chance to work while international students study in Greece.  In Greece, a student can work up to 20 hours during the study period, while during the vacation period one can work up to 40 Hours in Week.

Welcoming nature

Greece is the ultimate place to live in. Students will be surrounded by the wonders of the world and will have a rich history to witness. Greek people are warm and welcoming and students won’t have many problems adjusting. A vast majority of the Greeks speak fluent English. Studying in Greek will be a great decision professionally for any student.


Greece is safe for international students. Athens, Heraklion, KosRhodes, and Thessaloniki are some of the safest cities for students. According to the Legatum Prosperity Index 2021, Greece ranked 43rd out of 167 countries. This ranking considers various parameters like governance, economic conditions, education, health and safety, and security. If students plan to study in Greece, they don’t have to worry about their student life as Greece is the 31st safest country as per Legatum Prosperity Index, 2021.

So, these are some of the many benefits of studying in Greece. If students plan to study in Greece and wish to fund their education independently without depending on their parents, they can opt for an overseas education loan. They can also find scholarships. This will make their studies in Greece more affordable.