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Academic stature

The reason why Italy has traditionally produced Nobel winners and is one of the top manufacturers in the automobile industry is that the country invests a large amount of money every year in research and development. Free education is an initiative that has bolstered its academic standard in a major way. Also, education is mandatory till the age of sixteen. The country’s world-class infrastructure and firm resolve to promote the best talent, whether home-grown or foreign, ensures that it maintains its high academic standard even today, amidst stiff global competition.

Courses are in plenty

There are several universities in Italy that teach courses in English. So there is absolutely no dearth of studying in English. That being said, it is still better to learn Italian. People also come here for courses such as arts, Architecture, Fashion, etc. because of the very history that Italy has. Even if international students come here for some other courses, they will appreciate that side of the education, either by making friends or just seeing the streets liven up.

English Language

There is the very common misconception that one cannot pursue higher education in Italy if one does not know the Italian language. This is simply not true! Yes, there was a time when one needed to learn the Italian language to be able to study in Italy, but today, colleges and universities conduct their classes, programs, and courses in English. This means that international students, whether their Italian is decent or poor, can now study in any of the universities in Italy.

The joy of living

Italy is a country of food, fashion, and football. And we all know how dull and monotonous life gets if there is no scope for refreshing and rejuvenating ourselves every once in a while. So it is important that along with studying, one gets the opportunity to enjoy the living of life. Italy owns a culture where work is worshipped, but living life is never sidelined. So an international student who wants to study abroad in Italy will get plenty of options to enjoy his or her stay in the country, along with working hard for building a bright future.

A refined research venture

Italy has traditionally produced a large number of scientists and researchers. It has one of the best infrastructures for research and development. Every year, it invests a huge amount of money to ensure that the quality of research done in its labs remains one of the topmost in the world. It is this dedication and determination that has helped Italy bring home the prestigious Nobel a number of times. Italy, particularly is very well known for its research and development activities in and contributions to the automobile industry.

A world-class monetary power

Italy has a highly advanced capitalist mixed economy, which is the third-largest in Europe and the eighth-largest in the world. It is one of the world’s most industrialized nations, and one of the leading countries in trading and export. It is the sixth-largest manufacturing country. The automobile industry has over 1,44,000 firms, and employs a staggering 4,85,000 people, contributing 8.5 percent to the Italian GDP. Italy is home to top automobile brands like Fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, etc. Naturally, Italy is ranked eighth in the highest quality of life index.

General life as a student in Italy

Since a large number of students go to study in Italy every year to pursue higher studies, an international student never feels isolated and alone. Study abroad in Italy, therefore, means the chance to meet a lot of new people from different countries and making friends. This broadens one’s horizons and prepares him or her for a bright future in any part of the world. Other than educational facilities, one can get involved in sports and other co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Plus, education in Italy costs lesser than in most European nations! Overall, student life in Italy is a memorable one.

Working while studying in Italy

This is the best aspect of studying in Italy. Whether a student is studying to become a graduate, or is pursuing Masters’s, he or she can find employment that will help him or her to earn while studying for a degree. Living in a foreign country requires money, and working while studying is a great way to earn it. In fact, one can continue working after graduation. The government allows that if the students seek the necessary permissions.