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One of the biggest names in the Eastern Europe, Latvia is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea and Riga is the biggest of the Baltic countries which means that study in Latvia brings with it several opportunities that would not only be unique to a metro city like Riga but the experience that comes with studying in an Eastern European country like Latvia. Being the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country that it is, it offers numerous experiences to the international fraternity while ensuring that its international level education serves as a jump-start for students’ careers. Here are some of the reasons to study in the Universities in Latvia.

Universities in Latvia

The universities in Latvia are some of the best in the world, and as such give a great insight into the workings of academia.  Various ranking entities of the world ranked some of the Universities in Latvia as best in the world like the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, and the Latvia University of Agriculture.

Quality Education

Higher education in Latvia is both state-funded and fee-paying. Top students can apply for public grants and scholarships.  Higher education institutions of the “college type” provide academic and professional training, while foundations of the “non-college type” only provide professional education. Latvian higher education follows the Bologna system and is classified into three levels: bachelor’s studies, master’s studies, and doctoral studies. Over 200 Courses are available that are fully taught in English.

Study in Latvia without IELTS

There are also colleges that accept study in Latvia without IELTS. The institutions have a large number of courses in English. The Latvian Universities are well-known for their research and innovation and they encourage their students to do the same, the quality of education in Latvia is high with its European counterparts

Location and Lifestyle

Being the multi-ethnic country that it is, international students are bound to experience people from all walks of life and many countries across the world. This would be an enriching experience for the career because it brings with it perspective. Students here can indulge in internships, research as well as several other activities that would be a huge plus on their CV. Universities in Latvia are welcoming and the atmosphere is student-friendly too which makes it a conducive place for education


Every city in the Baltic region has an old part of the town and a new part of the town. Since there is a significant Soviet Union influence on these countries, most of these countries have retained their rustic and vintage feel, mostly owing to disinterest towards the western idea of modernization and also because of lack of funds. This is partly the reason for the low costs of living as well as the low student tuition fees in the universities in Latvia. Since one has to enter through Latvia for other Baltic countries, this acts as a fulcrum as a springboard where students can enrich their experience by traveling during their stay and study in Latvia.

Study and Work in Latvia

It is a good opportunity to get work experience in the international market. There are no restrictions for students from other countries to do a part-time job while they are on a student permit in Latvia. However, time work rights during the course are prohibited to the International Students but they can work for at least 20 hours per week.