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Netherlands is in Western Europe, with an extensive coastline to the North Sea, and shares land borders with Germany and Belgium. Choosing to study abroad in the Netherlands is very popular among international students. So, obviously, there must be something special about the Netherlands. This country offers a diverse environment, vibrant lifestyle, and limitless opportunities. Here we list some of the important reasons:

 Highest English proficiency in the World

The Netherlands is a unique non- English-speaking country where approximately 95% of people speak English. It makes international students who want to study abroad feel very convenient, comfortable, and pleasant about living, working, and studying in the Netherlands

Top Ranked Universities and Quality Education

The Netherlands has 13 globally-ranked universities in QS’s World Rankings 2022 which is pretty good. Its higher education institutes have been internationally recognized since the 16th century. Study in the Netherlands equals invaluable knowledge and experience. Here is the list of Universities in the Netherlands with top ranking.

Renowned Technical Programs and Research

As it can be seen, with institutes like TU Delft and TU Eindhoven, Netherlands boasts of world-class research output when it comes to Technical Universities. Not only that, being originating from brands like Heineken, Shell, Unilever, and Philips, the Universities are close to these companies’ research and training facilities.

Over 2000 English-taught programs in Bachelor and Masters Degree

The Netherlands is considered as the first non-English speaking country in which most of the top universities in the Netherlands have started higher education study programs in English Universities in the Netherlands. They have almost offered more than 1400 English-taught study programs and courses are available in the Netherlands and they offer a wide range of fields to a bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., diploma, or certificate.

Truly International Study Environment

International students from different countries like Germany, China, Belgium, India, Italy, and Spain come to the Netherlands for their higher education. Most of the Netherlands universities have international student associations committees which help international students throughout their studies.

One of the Happiest Countries in the World

Not only happiest, but the Netherlands is also one of the safest countries in the world. With results from many organizations favoring the Netherlands as one of the safest and happiest cities in the world.

Multicultural Society in the Heart of Europe

The Netherlands is a very open and tolerant country that welcomes everyone to share their opinions and express themselves. This is very much encouraged during studies while international students are living in the Netherlands.

Problem Based Learning

The Netherlands has received international acclaim for its ground-breaking problem-based learning system. This helps students to analyze and solve practical problems independently through prominence on self-study, one more reason that makes the Netherlands different from the crowd.